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Name: Justin
Age: 18
Where are you from: Tennessee
Occupation (if student, what is your intended major?): I work in a library on campus, a cafe, and I'm a make-up artist for a local band. I currently have no major.
Turn ons: black and blonde hair, men who sit cross-legged, courtney love lipstick, jenna jameson liner
Turn offs: anyone who is rude. nothing else turns me off more than rude behavior. you can smell like a cows ass, you can weigh 600 pounds, I really don't care- but you're rude / aggressive I want nothing to do with you.
The most unique/daring thing you've ever done: probably wear 8 inch hills through the mall wearing little of nothing asking men intoxicating questions about their lifestyle.


What is your favorite type of music: punk rock
Favorite band(s): Courtney Love, Hole
Do you read? No. [ obviously not. I didn't read the rules, now, did I? haha ]
Favorite cartoon character?: fuck me in the ass.
Favorite make-up "tool": foundation brush
What is your most profound hate? people who just really don't take the time to get to know other people and judge them at first site.
What is your most profound love? make-up.


How often do you wear make-up?: every day.

Have you ever had any problems with society due to how you look (rude comments, family disagreements, etc.)? all of the time.

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