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application to join :-)


-About you-

Name: Tornado
Age: 21
Where are you from: I am from Romanie, but I live in Holland since a few years. My native language is Romanian, I try and learn to speak english :-)

Occupation (if student, what is your intended major?): I study physics at university, I am au pair for a dutch family
Turn ons: attractiveness, intelligence, communicative, personality, a good sence of fashion
Turn offs: close minded people, people who have no opinion of their own, someone who feels like they have to put others down to feel good about themselves
The most unique/daring thing you've ever done: Moving to Holland and solicitating as an au pair :-)


What is your favorite type of music: pop, R&B, classic, anyone who can sing very well :-)
Favorite band(s): Mariah Carey, she is no band, but she is my favourite. I am no fan of bands usually, I do not dislike them at all, but it is not my prefered kind of music.
Do you read? If so, list your favorite reading material: study books, fashion magazines, newspapers, science fiction, I read a lot :-)
Favorite cartoon character? Beugelbekkie, she's a dutch toon character
Favorite make-up "tool": A mascara roller.
What is your most profound hate? The feeling that people do not like me
What is your most profound love? My job, love, my carreer, my friends and family :-)
If you could go back or forward to any time era, which one would you choose and why? How do you think it would be? I would go back to ancient Roman or Greece, in comparison to other cultures they were very developed and civilicised. It would be a delight, I would enjoy discovering culture :-)
Motto: The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary.


How often do you wear make-up? I wear mascara very often, about 6 days a week, and blemish hider, I wear it quite a lot. Other make up I wear sometimes, I like to wear some, but I do not like it overdone.
Have you ever had any problems with society due to how you look (rude comments, family disagreements, etc.)? Some people who do not like what I look like, but they do not often come up to me and confront me with it. In in Holland in generally, most people are very open minded, they do not bother a lot.
Only in gay society, people can be cruel, especially the masculine gays, when they feel treatened in their masculine gay imago, or when one does not fit the right ideal.
But I feel very comfortable and happy living here. In Romanie, life as a gay(ish boy) was very difficult, I am happy I moved :-)

Promote somewhere on livejournal and leave a link for proof here: Here you are:

Give us some {hopefully} Eye Candy! [Pictures]:

I am just a feminem looking boy with make up, I am not really eye candy :-)

Just mascara, and blemisher, as I look in my daily life

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