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-About you-

Name: Sean
Age: 20
Where are you from: California
Occupation (if student, what is your intended major?): I am a biology major
Turn ons: Smart, intelligent, sweet . . . a "bleeding heart and artist"
Turn offs: Close minded
The most unique/daring thing you've ever done: Made out in public bathroom


What is your favorite type of music: Progressive/Experimental Rock
Favorite band(s): Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Dream Theater
Do you read? If so, list your favorite reading material: My favorite book is The Plague
Favorite cartoon character?: Vampire Hunter D
Favorite make-up "tool": eye liner
What is your most profound hate? I hate the close-minded individuals making life hell
What is your most profound love? I love the humanitarian revolt against the absurdities of human existence
If you could go back or forward to any time era, which one would you choose and why? How do you think it would be? Actually I love current fashion to damn much to leave it. I'm in love with metrosexual fashion, I just can't live without it.
Motto: I suffer with others, for ourselves, and for humanity


How often do you wear make-up?: To be honest I rarely do, but when I do I love it. I do it mostly for occasions such as halloween or drag ball.
Have you ever had any problems with society due to how you look (rude comments, family disagreements, etc.)? For being biracial and bisexual, I've had plenty of nasty comments, for wearing make up . . . well I do it on occasions were people generally don't care so no. All in all, I really don't give a damn and just tell people to "____" off if they bother me.
Promote somewhere on livejournal and leave a link for proof here: Ummm I hate doing this kind of thing, and didn't realize I had to for the application. At any rate, I'm not going to, and if I'm rejected because of that, oh well.
Give us some {hopefully} Eye Candy! [Pictures]:

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