space faggot (fishbite) wrote in b0ysinmakeup,
space faggot

the theme for j_makeup

okay, this is my lousy attempt to this közi make up in 15 minutes (yes, i put time limits to myself):

my fake eyelashes are not big enough, and i didn't have bottom lashes so i just drew lashes down :P
this is the portuguese art of desenrascanço (yes, it's even on wikipedia). a arte do desenrasca, how we call it.

the thing that bothers me the most is that since i let my eyebrows grow out i can no longer copy the form of every single jrock eyebrow i want >.< and i am obsessive about közi's drawn on eyebrows, in particular.
also i altered how the eyeliner on the bottom of the right eye ends, for the sake of my good looks. i'm sorry. but my eyes look bulldog-ish and i don't allow myself to make it show even more :P

black & white high contrast edit to match the kozi photos, bahahaha.

and the obligatory stupid photo.

color photos, smoking because it's kozi-ish. that hello kitty shirt is from my pjs :P

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